International Orders

We welcome all orders from outside of the USA. The ordering process is different, than ordering through this website. For international orders, please, fill out this form and we will invoice you with shipping price included, through PayPal. PayPal may collect VAT, if not we do not collect VAT and responsibility of VAT is that of the buyer. Please, check with customs officials in your Country. All soaps are 2 for $20 USD. Your local currency conversion rates apply.

    Please include here: your billing and shipping address (including country) and quantity of orders of each soap set (Kimchi, SaBoo, Crocodile Tears). Soaps are 2 for $20.00 USD. So, if you order quantity 2 of the Kimchi soap set, you will receive 4 kimchi soap bars. Please, do not include sensitive payment information, as this is a form used to send an invoice to you, from PayPal, where payment method will then be required.

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