Crocodile Tears Soap

So Good It's Bad to Eat
Crocodile Tears Soap

In since ears those words go like crocodile tears without souls. Fear wonders through grey clouds, and rain can’t land, because today’s crocodile thoughts scream action at tomorrows events. The future cries and finds the broken doors of your minds.

Crocodile tears can help you see what u can mean to the sea of sorrowers. Aren’t we all foolish crocodiles overflowing our cups with crocodile tears. Cleans your body and keep your inner pure, because with crocodile tears soap you wash away those crocodile fears.

To stop crocodiles tears, we feed them with avocados.

Crocodile Tears Soap Ingredients:
100% Avocados and ginger from the real plants, non-gmo rice bran oil, coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil, 100% glycerine, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), Panjamaporn’s Custom Fragrance Oil, Crocodile Tears.

No additives, preservatives, soy, wheat, barley, grains, milk, nuts, SLS or SLES. All oils are 100% pure, most extra virgin and all sustainably sourced. Only skin-safe colorants used, if any. Gluten free.

Made with Love, Sun, and Smiles in California.

Because Crocodile Tears soap bars are handmade, it is common to have weight go up or down. We strive for up, but sometimes they can go down, but not by much.

Quantity 2 Crocodile Tears Soap Bars – combined weight of 300 grams or 10.6 ounces, $20.00

Single 115 grams or 4 ounces Crocodile Tears Soap Bar, $9.00

Quantity 2 – each 80 grams or 2.82 ounces Crocodile Tears Soap Bars, $11.00

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