XX stars shining 2U with the Heavens on Earth.

Welcome and hi, my name is Panjamaporn, pronounced, pun-jama-porn, and u can say it just like that, too. No worries and be happy, everything here is all up 2 U. Now, I see the triple thumbs on your side for believing that you can be the most naturally clean and breakthrough life’s challenges. I started in the scratch soap making business, because I found out that it’s not enough to clean the mind and soul only on the inside. It is a must to be clean with all the goodies in soap on the outside, too.

My exotic soaps clean you and are free from additives, SLS and abrasives, without sucking the goodie glycerin in the soap out, because we love you and you should love your skin. My exotic soaps cleanse you and provide a range of custom scents, very carefully selected, so that you can be one of a kind, like, The Emerald Soap or OATyeah! Soap.

All of my soaps are made with just the right amount of a secret blend of oils with custom made fragrance oils that are one of a kind, just like my name, Panjamaporn. I’m clean, are you?

XXX Stars bbl,

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